Kangs & Associates Career Center

Job Title : Researcher


- Kangs & Associates is always looking for strong academic, organizational and interpersonal researchers who 

   are bilingual in English and Asian languages (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese). Must be confident, 

   enthusiastic and willing to learn new skills. Good MS Office skills preferred. If interested in working with us at

   Kangs & Associates, please send your resume to recruithk@kangs.com or recruitkr@kangs.com.




Job Title : Mystery shopper


- Kangs & Associates are looking for Mystery shoppers that can throughout Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan,

   Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam). If your interested in becoming a mystery shopper in any of the mentioned Asian 

   nations mentioned above, please send us a brief application letter stating your name, address of location,

   contact number and years of experience to recruithk@kangs.com or recruitkr@kangs.com.