Focus Groups


Focus groups are known to be as an important tool for acquiring feedback regarding  new products launching and insight marketing strategies.  Kangs & Associates has skilled moderators with over 10 years of experience that will facilitate the discussion so that everyone participates and the group stays on track and get the job done. Due to the fact that our moderators have extensive experiences in presenting concepts and material, and drawing out in-depth responses, not only will you be able to obtain the participant’s reactions to ideas or to prototypes., but also their attitudes, beliefs and desires.


Kangs and Associates currently conducts art-of-state technology Focus Groups for your convenience in Hong Kong and The Republic of Korea providing capabilities to tape all sessions and also a custom built web broadcasting system for live feed of focus groups over the web.


A professional shorthand writer is always available for each focus group, if required. Shorthand writers work together with our professional translating team who will have a complete transcript of the conducted focus group to you within a couple of days if you require it for further analysis.


Our unique Webcapture provides excellent benefits to our clients.  For more details. See attached PPT.