Our History


2008 – DB Management Team located in Seoul (Korea) and planning to open in LA (California).


Due to the increasing importance of database management, Kangs & Associates opened a new team in Seoul, Korea which is now fully in-charge of all database maintenance. Programmers and IT specialists are stationed and trained at Kangs & Associates (Korea) Ltd. To extend the company’s coverage, Kangs & Associates (USA) Ltd. will be established.


2004 -   Kangs & Associates is now one of the leading marketing research specialists in the Asia Pacific. Kangs believes that human resources are its prime assets. Professionally trained and highly qualified bilingual researchers with diverse educational backgrounds are employed to cover a wide range of services demanded by its worldwide customers. 


2002 – Opened 1 office in Hong Kong, new Headquarters of Kangs & Associates.


Taking roots in Hong Kong allows better control of its operations around North Asia region. The company inaugurated its Asia Pacific Holding Co in Hong Kong, which has become the new Kangs & Associates Headquarters.


1997 - Consolidation for take-off


The Company advanced into a new emerging era and consolidated its various undertakings, thereby upsizing its structure ready to meet new challenges of the forthcoming millennium.


1996 - Extension of our research area


It expanded its coverage to IT related research and soon accumulated extensive IT knowledge and data. With in-depth understanding of the regional IT environment, Kangs is now recognized as one of the best in the Asia Pacific region with skillful IT research professionals.


1994 – Added a division of market research for global projects


To meet increasing demands from multi-national companies, Kangs & Associates established its own field operation force for both national and international projects.


1991 - Established in Seoul as a business consulting firm


Kangs & Associates Inc. began to provide high quality, dedicated and systematic information on various consumer and industrial products. It also offered trade advice, business development and marketing strategies.