In-depth Interview

When you require a more targeted research, Kangs & Associates can provide you with professional interviewers experienced in In-depth interviewing. Interviewers are carefully determined according to your target respondents and conduct interviews after coving the professional issue. Kangs & Associates already holds a strong team of interviews that have experience in the following fields:


  - Banking / Finance

  - Heath

  - Electronic

  - Construction

  - Beverage

  - Fashion


With the help of our strong panel members, we are able to conduct In-depth interviews according to your needs. Due to our global network across Asia and the United States of America, we are able to reach any consumer in any environment. Our professional interviewers can conduct in-depth interviews anywhere, whether it is at a company office or  any locations, and still you will be able to receive real time data of the in-depth interview being conducted. This is only possible because all of our professional interviewers are supplied with Palmtop Computers. Interviews are able to input data, while the interview is in progress, into our database which lets you receive the information obtained instantly.


If required, we also offer transcripts of all in-depth interviews conducted for your convenience.