Mystery Shopping

Kangs & Associates have experience in Mystery Shopping research for over 10 years in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and KL.  We are currently expanding our expertise into Malaysia. Currently we have been successful in offering accurate and reliable data for better customer service because we have a team of experts that not only understands the importance of customer management, but also because both of our teams understand the cultural back ground of customers in Hong Kong and Korea.


Among our shoppers, who are well trained and fully understands your needs, expectations and wanted goals, we first carefully select them from our database according to your type of product or service. The shoppers chosen, after completing their assignments submits all the data collected online into our database. Our staff members than screens and reviews all the data collected for any problems or mistakes. If any problems are found, the shopper is sent again to the location at no extra costs. We also offer consulting for product changes or staff training programs for better customer service, according to the data collected. Our consulting will help you lead your staffs to put higher priority in long-term customer satisfaction, rather than short-term sales.