Online Survey


Kangs & Associates is able to offer a full market research service using the web, which enables you to improve marketing strategies, increase customer retention and also develop competitive intelligence with speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Kangs & Associates is one of the first Market Research company to start the usage of the web as a marketing research tool in the late 90’s. With the experience and know-how, our online survey programming team carefully integrate the market research study design to meet your management and decision-making goals. They work closely with our translating team, which lets us create your survey in multiple languages if required. Our technical team handles all the data that we receive from the conducted surveys in our database, which you will have 24 hours access to.


If you need to gather market intelligence regarding opinions, trends or found how your brand awareness stands in a fast and secure manner across Asia or the United States of America, we recommend using Kangs & Associates Online Market Research. Due to our high awareness across Asia, our online surveys shows a high response rate. Because we use user-friendly designs, this also contributes to our proud high response rate.


Whether you require an online market research survey designed from bottom, or you already have a survey that needs to be administered, we will carefully take the required measures to ensure reliability and validity.