Greetings from our CEO


Importance of Asia Pacific region among world consumer market is no longer emphasised only in the Academic practices but emphasised amongst marketing practitioner. In last decade of 20 century, Asia has become one of the biggest consumer market in the world. In 1991, we, Kangs & Associates, Inc., have started our very small operation in Korea in order to achieve reasonable amount of our contribution to world market. Since then, we have reached the goal that we have been planning from the beginning. Now with Kangs & Assoicates, Asia Pacific, located in Hong Kong, it is functioning as a hub and gateway to the markets and consumers of China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

We, Kangs & Associates, Asia Pacific., are transferring its strategic goal as upsizing and restructuring since we relocated our office into heart of Hong Kong. We are anxious to observe our own achievement that we would be considered as one of the major role player in this industry in the 21st century.


Best Regards,


David K. Kang

CEO, Kangs & Associates


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