Telephone Survey - "WISS" CATI

Kangs & Associates currently holds 2 call centers ideal to conduct telephone surveys, located in Korea and the United States(opening soon). All of our telephone interviewers have received education on telephone etiquette which serve as a guideline for polite and effective telephone usage. This helps propel results and the collection of data. Our specialized facilities are all perfectly equip with CATI with our own developed software “ WISS” where a computerized questionnaire is administered to respondents over the telephone. Our technicians input telephone numbers of universe prior to the actual survey into all computers, which will help save time and enable interviewers to interview the next respondent almost instantly upon command. Due to the fact that interviewers record respondent’s answers directly into their computer, you are able to login in and receive “real time” update reports as the data are being collected.


Also with the usage of VoIP for all telephone survey interviews, we are able to offer you unlimited amount of telephone calls at a agreeable fixed price. Although all facilities are stationed with supervisors, they are all equip with web broadcasting systems which lets you monitor the actual telephone survey in progress, in real time.